Where do you find the inspiration to grow your business?

What could you achieve if there was a brain trust behind your career?

Would you also like the satisfaction of helping others succeed?

Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Tom Peters, Zig Ziglar – all outstanding minds and all extraordinarily successful. Each acknowledged how participation in mastermind groups benefited them greatly.

You can gain the same advantage in your own life and career by joining Linda Zimmer’s Success Team.

Can the whole be greater than the sum of its parts? In a mastermind group, the answer is a definite and resounding “Yes!” None of us has all the answers. Why not benefit from the combined experience of other members who have also built successful careers?

Becoming a valuable member of a mastermind group will enrich you personally and accelerate you professionally. You don’t have to know how to figure everything out on your own because the group possesses a greater intelligence than any individual member. You’ll also gain the satisfaction of seeing others grow and prosper through expertise you personally provide.

How would you describe yourself?

  • You’re motivated and responsible for your life and success.
  • You want to achieve more personally and professionally.
  • Other people say you’re objective and generous.
  • Having more for yourself while contributing to others lights you up.

If you agree with these statements, then joining Linda Zimmer’s Success Team can pay dividends you’ve hardly dreamed of.

Next Group Forming: September 2007

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Question: Where do your mastermind group members come from?

Answer: The most successful mastermind groups draw members with diverse skills and broad business experience; people who are highly motivated, goal oriented, and who have a positive attitude. Linda's seeks already successful people who are eager to make improvements in both their business career, and in other areas of their life.

Question: What if I have a challenge that no one in the room has faced personally?

Answer: Not only are your fellow members able to offer solutions from their life and business experience, they also bring to the table a variety of contacts that have been helpful to them and to their businesses. Even if someone in your group doesn’t have the solution to your problem, they may know someone who does.

Question: Will there be adequate time for the group to address my issues, my problems?

Answer: The purpose of the group is to serve each and every one of its members. As moderator, Linda will ensure that every member has equal opportunity and adequate time to pose pressing questions and to receive valuable feedback.

Question: What’s so special about the group members that makes their input so valuable?

Answer: Absolutely everyone possesses unique skills and perspectives that can benefit others. Most people discount the value of their own experience, and that’s generally the reason for asking this question. They fail to credit themselves for the success brought about through their intelligence, their creativity, their passion for life. You’ll contribute from your own well of experience, just as other group members will draw from their individual strengths.

Question: Isn’t a mastermind group just a glorified networking meeting?

Answer: It could turn into one without this critical element: the skill of the moderator. Linda Zimmer is trained to keep the group focused on the overall mission, which is the success of each member and especially the member whose situation is being discussed. Prospective members are screened to weed out anyone whose primary interest is networking or socializing.

Question: How do I know it will be safe to share my ideas without them being stolen by someone else?

Answer: Trust is implicit and understood in a mastermind group. Instead of worrying about your ideas being stolen, you’ll be able to focus on putting your best ideas into action. A mastermind group could be likened to a truly independent and objective Board of Directors, where each member gains the satisfaction of knowing his or her ideas contributed to the success of another person. As a “Director,” you’re not going to steal from another member and neither is anyone else going to steal from you.

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Next Group Forming: September 2007

Would you like to receive information about upcoming Mastermind Groups?