Ready to lift your career to another level?

Is there a glass (or other) ceiling impeding your progress?

Does your personal life suffer in favor of your business?

Are you being stopped because…?

Think for a moment, to a time in your life when everything just seemed to “flow.” Career, relationships, family, finances. No matter what you did, life was golden. Maybe it was several years ago or perhaps you have felt that way very recently.

Would you have said that any single part of your life was responsible for making the rest work so well? Probably not. When our lives are working great, we don’t ordinarily say it’s because of any one thing. But, when the road becomes rocky, aren’t we quick to point our finger at one particular part of our lives as the cause of our troubles?

Finger pointing gets us nowhere.

We blame our stagnant careers for disrupting our relationships. We fault our personal lives for causing our financial ills. We don’t take vacation because we’re working too hard, and we hate our work because we can’t take vacation. Does any of this sound familiar? It should, because it’s natural for us as human beings to think exactly this way.

So what do we do? We place all our attention on the one “problem” area, hoping that when it’s “fixed” everything else will improve as well. More often than not, we swat down one problem only to find that it pops up elsewhere in different form. What we really need is a strategy to address our entire life as a whole, and thereby raise the quality of our lives while enhancing our careers at the same time.

Get your life back in sync.

My name is Linda Zimmer, “The Jewelry Industry Coach,” and I can provide you with the tools and direction to get, not just your career, but your entire life back in sync.

Like you, I’ve invested a major part of my life in the jewelry industry. What’s true for so many people in our industry is true for me as well – the jewelry business is in my blood. My grandfather was a diamond merchant, my father was a diamond merchant, and I grew up in Antwerp and eventually became a principal in our diamond manufacturing and export firm.

If we were sitting together right now I could hand you a resume filled with names you’d recognize: Gumuchian Fils, M. Fabrikant, Tourneau, Bergdorf Goodman. My experience runs from purchasing diamonds, to precious stone jewelry manufacturing, to antique and estate acquisition, to fine jewelry buying and merchandising, to market research, to branding and positioning.

More from your career, more from your life.

The jewelry industry is a business I know and it’s a business I love. If you can say the same, then we can work together to make your, already promising career, even more successful. And, we can do the likewise for the rest of your life as well.

Through my decades of experience in the jewelry industry and my years as a business coach, I’ve identified the areas where problems most often arise. By placing our intention on these critical success factors, I can help you gain the most improvement in the shortest amount of time. What’s even more important is that when you engage in the program fully, growth and successes won’t just occur in the area of business, but rather all throughout your life.

These are the vital areas where we might focus our attention:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Time Management and Project Management
  • Client Development and Management
  • Team Building and Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Career Change and Life Transition

We’ll prioritize your life and career goals and find the optimum ways to apply your talents toward achieving your objectives. We’ll address life’s challenges with the approach best suited for you. I’ll help you find the path and the direction that encompasses your entire life, and not just one or two problem areas.

Should we work together?

I work with successful professionals and business owners who want more time to do the things they love. I partner with them to design a balanced business and personal life in which they are totally self-expressed.

  • Do you want to make more money while enjoying a lower stress environment?
  • Does the prospect of discovering your life’s purpose and passion excite you?
  • Are you willing to take on new concepts and stretch beyond your comfort zone?
  • Would you like to be coached in an environment where it’s safe to do and say whatever you need?

If “yes” is your answer…

…then we should definitely discuss how we can work together. Send an email to with your contact information and best times for me to call you. We will have a no-obligation discussion regarding your current situation, where you’d like to be, and how we can work together to make it happen.

The time to enhance your life will never be better than it is right now. Click on the link and send that email.